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50g 气溶胶灭火器50g aerosol /Nano paticles fire extinguisher
Model Number:PFE-1
Place of Origin:China
Telephone:0086 15957539088
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Nano paticles portable fire extinguisher represents a state-of-the-art efficient green fire extinguisher product in the world. As the world's smallest portable fire extinguisher, JE series portable fire extinguisher is easy to operate and free of pressurized container, and requires no annual inspection and maintenance. Its new nano particles extinguishing agent has high extinguishing efficiency which are non-toxic, harmless, environment friendly, safe and reliable with only a few residue after discharge. JE series portable fire extinguisher can operate normally at a temperature ranging from -20oC to 60oC. As the perfect substitute for traditional exhinguishers, JE series portable fire extinguisher can extinguisher fire in such applications as security and protection, residential use, outdoors, shopping malls, office premises and automobiles.


  1. Nano paticles portable fire extinguisher is suitable for extinguishing incipient fire in different scenarios
  2. This type portable fire extinguisher suitable for security gatekeepers of government agencies, schools, enterprises and public institutions as well as safety officers at railways and buses.
  3. Emergency equipment for homes, offices, hotels, transport vehicles, cars and yachts,
  4. Fire extinguishment for incipient class A fire, fire of polyester materials, B, C and incipient fire of electrical equipment.

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