How to use other fire extinguishers


Foam fire extinguisher: When using a foam fire extingui […]

Foam fire extinguisher:

When using a foam fire extinguisher, it should be noted that the person should stand on the wind and be as close as possible to the fire source, because its spray distance is only 2~3 meters. It should be sprayed from the most dangerous side of the fire spread, and then gradually move, taking care not to leave Mars. . Hold the wooden handle of the nozzle to avoid frostbite. Because the carbon dioxide is too much in the air, it is also unfavorable to the human body. Therefore, in the case where the air is not smooth, it should be ventilated immediately after spraying.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are available in both switch and guillotine types. When using, first remove the safety pin, then hold the wooden handle on the spray horn with one hand, push the duck tongue switch or rotary switch with one hand, and finally lift the body. It should be noted that once the guillotine fire extinguisher is turned on, it can no longer be closed. Therefore, be prepared before use.