How to use the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher


How to use the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher filling […]

How to use the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher filling machine:
1. Connect the pipeline and circuit equipment to the full-scale carbon dioxide fire extinguisher filling machine inspection according to requirements.
2. The gas source cylinder should be tilted upside down, and the inclination should be above 45 degrees.
3. Inject the inner tank of the cold thermostat into the antifreeze or 50% antifreeze and 50% water. Do not let the incubator freeze. (Do not overflow the inlet of the coiled tubing. Do not put any items in the tank).
4. Connect the protection wire to the device housing firmly.
5. Turn on the power to turn on the total stop button. The power indicator light is on, indicating that the total power of the device is turned on.
6. Turn on the cooling start button. After setting the temperature controller to the required temperature, the temperature is controlled between 10 °C and 15 °C from the normal temperature (the thermostat can be adjusted).
 The specific operating procedures of the temperature controller are as follows:
1. Temperature display: (using intelligent temperature controller) The actual temperature measurement value is displayed after the controller is powered on.
2, parameter setting:
(1) Enter the setting state: In order to prevent misoperation and avoid idle play, you must press the “Set” button three times to enter the setting state.
(2) When the controller enters the setting state, the temperature display value is stored, and the lower limit set value is displayed (the “lower limit” indicator is on). At this time, press the “plus” or “minus” button to change the parameter value until Meet the requirements. Press the “Set” button again, the lower limit set value is stored, the temperature difference value is displayed (the “temperature difference” indicator light is on), and the “plus” and “minus” buttons are also pressed to change the parameter value. (The lower limit heating difference is equal to the upper limit)
(3) Exit setting: If no button is pressed within 16 seconds, the controller will automatically exit the setting state, the set value will be stored, and the display window will still display the temperature measurement value.