How to identify the authenticity of fire extinguishers


At the time of purchase, check the product appearance a […]

At the time of purchase, check the product appearance and packaging. Select the plate to take the principle of deviation, the general purchase of 1.5mm thickness of the plate, so after the whole stretch can be higher than the manufacturer's standard 1.14mm requirements. The fake and shoddy manufacturers generally consciously buy 1.0mm thickness of the plate, the production can only guarantee 0.97mm thickness. The cost of a fire extinguisher may not be much lower on steel, but there is a big profit around 5000 per day, with profits driving some small manufacturers to use unqualified raw materials.
Formal fire products surface and packaging should have a clear, durable logo, product logo should include the name of the manufacturer site, name model, technical coefficient, trademark number, date of manufacture and standard code. Appearance signs of fake and shoddy fire products often fuzzy rough, incomplete and not durable, generally no production date, there should be no signs, and the surface rough.
Buy online before buying product qualification. Buyers can log in "China Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center" website check, check the purchase of fire products belong to the site for the record of the product. At the same time, consumers buy fire products to confirm the product-related certificates, you can also ask the dealer to provide proof of supply of manufacturers for a detailed check.
Field experiment. Field experiment is an effective way to ensure the fire products are real. For example, fire retardant paint can be applied to the wall and tested on site with high temperature spray gun. Foaming on the surface of the paint can prove that it can play a role of heat insulation and is a qualified product.
According to the standard requirements, the surface of fire protection products should use non-combustible materials or flame retardant materials. If flammable or flammable materials are used, they can also be used as the basis for judging them as fake and shoddy products.