Simple fire extinguishers use


Cart fire extinguishers Right, put down the fire exting […]

Cart fire extinguishers
Right, put down the fire extinguisher, first pull out the insurance pin, one hand hold the open handle, the other hand in the spray hose at the front of the nozzle. Such as fire extinguishers without spray hose, with one hand hold the open pressure handle, the other hand hold the bottom of the fire extinguisher bottom ring part. Aim the nozzle at the burning place first, hold firmly and open the pressure handle, make the fire extinguisher spray. When the flow of combustible liquid is extinguished, the user should aim at the root of the flame to sweep it from the far side to the far side and push it forward rapidly until all the flame is extinguished. If flammable liquid is combusted in the container, the flame should be aimed at shaking the fire from side to side. When the flame is expelled from the container, the jet fires with the flame until it is completely extinguished. However, care should be taken not to spray the jet directly onto the combustion liquid surface, to prevent the momentum of the fire extinguishing agent from igniting the flammable liquid out of the container and expanding the fire, resulting in fire-fighting difficulties. If the fight flammable solid material from the beginning of the fire, the jet will aim at the most violent combustion at the jet, when the flame is extinguished, it should promptly take measures to prevent its rekindle. 1211 fire extinguisher can not be used upside down, it can not be lying, or fire extinguishing agent will not be sprayed. In addition when used outdoors, it should be selected in the direction of the jet; in a narrow indoor fire extinguishing, the operator should be promptly evacuated after the fire, as 1211 fire extinguishing agents have some toxicity, to prevent the harm to the human body.
Use method 2:
Cart type: Usually two operations by fire extinguishing, the first push or pull the fire extinguisher to the fire, at a distance of about 10 meters from the combustion stop, one quickly release the jet hose, hold the gun, aimed at the burning place; the other Quickly open the fire extinguisher valve. Fire extinguishing methods and portable 1211 fire extinguisher the same.