The origin of the fire extinguisher


The world's first fire extinguisher was born in London […]

The world's first fire extinguisher was born in London in 1834. A fire completely destroyed the ancient Westminster Palace in the seat of the British Parliament. Among the many fire-watchers, one is not the one who has nothing to do to see the fire. He is George William Manby.Manby was born in Norfolk, the young army, the officer to the captain, and the chief of the Yarmouth Barracks. This idle position enabled him to have time to work hard to attract his life to save human life. Earlier, he was keen on the ship's rescue. He invented the trouser-shaped lifebuoy and was the first person to propose a signal with a lighthouse flash. Later, Manby turned his genius from the ocean rescue to the fire rescue business. In the event of a fire, he is conducting experiments on fireproof clothing. His most outstanding initiative was his invention of a portable compressed gas fire extinguisher, a two-foot, eight-inch-diameter, four-gallon-liter copper cylinder that is essentially the same as today's fire extinguishers. He placed the fire extinguisher in his specially designed trolley. He hoped that a patrol team equipped with such a fire extinguisher would immediately extinguish the small fire at the fire site, thus reducing the number of major fires.