Use the fire extinguisher correctly to save


The world's first fire extinguisher was born in London, […]

The world's first fire extinguisher was born in London, England in 1843, and must remain calm in the event of a fire! This is especially important. It is the premise of self-help or his rescue. It is also a must-have item to help you accurately judge your environment and escape methods. When the fire is not big, we should use the fire extinguisher correctly to save!

Type distinction

According to the fire extinguishing medium in the fire extinguisher, it can be divided into dry powder fire extinguisher, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, water-based fire extinguisher and clean gas fire extinguisher. The dry powder fire extinguisher mainly consists of ammonium phosphate, sodium hydrogencarbonate, sodium chloride and potassium chloride dry powder fire extinguishing agent. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and water-based fire extinguishers are not much to say as the name suggests. The representative of clean gas fire extinguisher is heptafluoropropane type. It is colorless, odorless, non-conductive and has no secondary pollution. It has the characteristics of clean, low toxicity, good electrical insulation and high fire extinguishing efficiency, especially its no damage to the ozone layer. The residual time in the atmosphere is relatively short.


When a dry powder fire extinguisher is used to extinguish a flammable or flammable liquid fire, it should be fired at the part of the flame. If the fire of the saved liquid is burning, it should be pointed at the root of the flame and swept left and right until the flame is extinguished. When the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is used, it is about 5 meters away from the burning material, pull out the fire extinguisher safety pin, hold the handle of the root of the horn in one hand, and hold the pressure switch of the opening and closing valve with the other hand.

Also pay attention to environmental protection

Environmentally-friendly fire extinguishers require that the fire-extinguishing agent be harmless to the human body, have no damage to the environment, and be easy to install. It is suitable for use as a place for extinguishing solids, oils, and electrical appliances as a small area and a small area in general factories, houses, offices, and vehicles. We don't want fires to happen. When it happens, we hope to put it out with an efficient and environmentally friendly fire extinguisher in the first place!